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I am using tfs2svn to migrate our Team Foundation Server to svn. I am running into the following issue:

enter image description here

From researching online, it seems I need to create a batch file named 'pre-revprop-change' containing and exit code of 0 and put it in my local repositories 'hooks' folder. However, I do not see a hooks folder in the repo or inside the .svn folder. Should I be seeing the hooks folder if I'm browsing through Windows Explorer? I cannot seem to find it.

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Repo != Working Copy. If it has a .svn folder it's a working copy. You need to open the repository in Windows explorer (not in TortoiseSVN Repo-browser). It should look like this:

  • conf
  • db
  • format
  • hooks
  • locks
  • README.txt
  • svn.ico

Edit: I've never used tfs2svn but I've found the screen-shots in the tfs2svn project page and the program features a very prominent "SVN destination settings" section with a "SVN repository" field. While it's a URL, it should be a fairly good hint of where the repo is.

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I'm still very green with exactly would I find my local repo on my machine? Is it something I would have to explicitly create, or is it created when you do a Checkout? – Andrew Apr 17 '13 at 16:21
It's something you need to create. You cannot anything with Subversion (checkout, update, commit...) unless to have a repository to do it against. I suspect that tfs2svn did it for you; didn't it ask for a folder or something? – Álvaro González Apr 17 '13 at 16:44

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