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I have a div with class "divItemclass" .for this class, i have put height as auto.This div contains some data(text/ images ) .Now i want to change the class to another class when user clicks on the delete button. I am using the below code to do so


and in my css

border:1px solid red;

But when this happens,since i had given the height as auto .It is not showing red bg color for the entire div.If i change the height from auto to a fixed height(ex :20 px ) .It is showing red color bg as of that much height. But i cant mention a height as the length of contents comes in side the div is dynamic. How to solve this ? I think it would be good if i can take the current height of div and assign it to the new class (divGlowToDelete) at runtime (when changing the class)

How to do ? thanks in advance

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Will it work if you set the height with jQuery after adding the new class?

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You can get or set the height of the div by calling the height method.

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It might be an idea to try setting the height of the <div> explicitly with jQuery when the page loads:

$(document).ready(function() {
    var $theDiv = $('#divRoundItem');
    $theDiv.css('height', $theDiv.height() + 'px');
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Is your problem related to clearing floats?


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