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I am very new to Python. I've learned recently that we could store all our defined functions in one file and call them up when we need it. I'm using Idle on Windows.

Where should I store the .py file that will contain all the functions so they can be accessed from Idle, and how should I call it?

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2 Answers

Some Folder
  - my_funcs.py
  - other.py


from my_funcs import somefunc
somefunc("An Argument")


def somefunc(s):
    print "SomeFunction:%s"%s

then run other.py

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The file must be on your PYTHONPATH. You need to set that in your environment. e.g. if your file is:


Then you need to make sure that C:/path/to is on PYTHONPATH. Then, in another script, you can import myfile via:

import myfile

Now you can use a function (func) defined in myfile as:

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