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It appears that KO validation plugin parses HTML5 number input attributes (e.g., min, max) as string, as opposed to as number. This results in that number inputs are incorrectly determined to be invalid when they have min/max attributes. See:


<label>Some number, valid between 0 and 10</label>
<input type="number" required min="0" max="10" data-bind="value: someNum"/>


function vm(){
    parseInputAttributes: true,
ko.applyBindings(ko.validatedObservable(new vm()));
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Yep, that appears to be exactly what happens. Here's the line that causes the trouble: params: element.getAttribute(attr) || true. You can recreate the same issue if you just set the max/min to a string. This seems like a bug in KO validation to me. – Colin DeClue Apr 17 '13 at 17:51
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It's a bug in Knockout Validation. I've fixed the bug and created a pull request for it.

You can see the updated Knockout Validation code with my fix at

Please note that for this to work, the value in the observable will need to be stored as a number, not as a string. You can use the numeric extender (found at to force values that are typed in to be stored as numbers rather than as strings.

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