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I am trying to change a cube image at run time by selecting an option from Select Form element. When running the code, the image changes after selecting, but the previous cube and image stays in the scene.

How I clear / refresh / update the scene properly when changing the material / image / texture.

<div id = "container"></div>

<form id = "changesForm">
    Cube Image:
    <select id = "cubeImage">
        <option value = "random">Random</option>
        <option value = "image1">First Image</option>
        <option value = "Image2">Second Image</option>

<script type = "text/javascript">

window.onload = windowLoaded;

function windowLoaded(){
    if (window.addEventListener){
                             //document.getElementById('container').addEventListener('mousemove', containerMouseover, false);
    window.addEventListener( 'resize', onWindowResize, false );
    var cubeImage = document.getElementById('cubeImage');
    cubeImage.addEventListener("change", changeCubeImage, false);
    else if (window.attachEvent){
                  //document.getElementById('container').attachEvent('onmousemove', containerMouseover);
        //window.attachEvent( 'onresize', onWindowResize);

function changeCubeImage(e){
    var target =;
    cubeImageCheck = target.value;      

// rest code ..... 

function createCube(){
    var cubeImg;

    switch (cubeImageCheck){
        case 'random': {
           // should load the 2 images random - to do 
            cubeImg = new THREE.ImageUtils.loadTexture("img1.jpg");
        case 'image1': {
            cubeImg = new THREE.ImageUtils.loadTexture("image1.jpg");
        case 'image2': {
            cubeImg = new THREE.ImageUtils.loadTexture("image2.jpg");

cubeImg.needsUpdate = true;

// geometry
var cubeGeometry = new THREE.CubeGeometry(200,200,200);;
// material
var cubeMaterial = new THREE.MeshPhongMaterial({
    map: cubeImg, 
    transparent: true, 
    shading: THREE.SmoothShading, 
    shininess: 90, 
    specular: 0xFFFFFF
}); = true;

cubeMesh = new THREE.Mesh(cubeGeometry, cubeMaterial);
cubeMesh.needsUpdate = true;

// rest ....
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On select change you can update your existing mesh texture, don't need to remove or create new mesh : = THREE.ImageUtils.loadTexture( src );
mesh.material.needsUpdate = true;
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It works, great. Thanks a bunch Uhura. very appreciated. – Miloud Eloumri Apr 18 '13 at 11:14
This method apparently retrieves the browser-cached image, if you've previously preloaded all your textures into non-visible img elements. So no need to worry about reloading images from a server. – Arcane Engineer Apr 13 '14 at 16:37
Won't this result in a memory leak since the previous texture was not disposed? – John Bob Aug 30 at 2:43

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