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I'm trying to follow this guide to serve my Flask app with uWSGI: http://flask.pocoo.org/docs/deploying/uwsgi/

However, when I try to run uwsgi, I get the following problem:

(venv)deniz@lister:~/sites/site-lister$ uwsgi -s /tmp/lister.sock --module flood --callable app
uwsgi: unrecognized option '--module'
getopt_long() error

I guess this is a version mismatch, because my version of uwsgi is 1.2.3-debian. But if that's the problem and I'm new to Ubuntu, how would I get a newer version properly installed without manually building everything?

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If you want to unstall uwsgi, you can just do:

pip uninstall uwsgi

Then re-install the latest version:

pip install uwsgi

Then use this documentation for your flask app with uwsgi:


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Please try the following docs, I have set up a few Flask sites with it.


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