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I'm trying to make a game in android, using OpenGlES.

It's all working fine except this.

I have a galaxy S2 and my brother a galaxy S3.

when u run the game in my phone, the enemy steps (Y axis) exactly where I want it to be. but on my brother's phone, the enemy is a little bit more below where i want it to be.

This image explains better:

My phone on left and my brother's phone on right.

enter image description here

The way i'm defining the enemy Y is like this:

   public void addSprite(float screenWidth, float screenHeight) {
        tempSprite = new NormalZombie();
        tempSprite.x = 0;
        tempSprite.y = screenHeight - 30; //IMO this is the problem
        tempSprite.startpos = screenHeight - 30;
        tempSprite.maxX = screenWidth;
        background = new GameBG();


i'm pretty sure that i can't use '30' hard coded there because the difference between resolutions, but what do i need to use there to put the enemy in the same place on every phone?

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Get hard coded value of screenHeight on you tablet and define it as constant MY_HEIGHT

static const int MY_HEIGHT = 800; // make the 800 your actual pixel height

Found 800 on wiki for Samsung Galaxy S II. Change:

tempSprite.y = screenHeight - 30;
tempSprite.startpos = screenHeight - 30;


tempSprite.y = screenHeight - 30 * screenHeight / MY_HEIGHT;
tempSprite.startpos = screenHeight - 30 * screenHeight / MY_HEIGHT;
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The solution was a little bit different but you gave me an ideia, thanks =) – Moondustt Apr 17 '13 at 19:15

So, I had to get the screen proportion by dividing by a number that gives me the expected position.

here's how i did that:

    double ystart;
ystart = screenHeight - (screenHeight / 24);
tempSprite = new NormalZombie();
tempSprite.x = 0;

tempSprite.y = (float)ystart;
tempSprite.startpos = (float)ystart;
tempSprite.maxX = screenWidth;
background = new GameBG();
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