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Firstly, I am sorry for the repeat question about ScreeenSaver on Android. I downloaded on Google Play Store some application about ScreenSaver such as Photo Album Free ScreenSaver, Smoke Free Screensaver, Beach Free Screensaver. I see that all this application have a same format follow this below image

enter image description here

Currently, I want to make a application like as that applications I mentioned above. When android is sleep mode ( Lock Screen), i want to show gallery image and when touch anywhere on screen, it come back to lock screen generally.

I searched but no useful result to me and I really need a reference source code.

Can anyone suggest me how to do it ? Thanks you.

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Do you mean Daydream? Although note that it only works on 4.2 and up:

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I download screensaver app on Play Store and run with version 4.1 not 4.2, it run OK. May be it is not Daydream – Cong Binh Apr 17 '13 at 18:40

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