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I'm trying to drag row from cell table, to my other widget. To do this i created DragAndDropCellTable and DroppableWidget. While they were in same container it was working fine. But since i put them to SplitLayoutPanel, it is not working properly. I still got drop event, but helper is not visible. I tried to set z-index on helper but this didn't help.

Is any one has idea what i'm doing wrong?

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Do you try to set the option appendTo to "body" ? The cause is certainly because the overflow css property of the split panel is set to hidden hidden

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I have the same problem here, but I don't get your answer completely. I guess you mean that the helper is hidden when it leaves the panel cause of the overflow hidden. Am I right so far? But i don't get how to append. How can I append the helper to the rootPanel? Or am I on the wrong track with this?

Ok I got it. I don't have to append the helper but the DraggableOptions to "body"




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