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I would like to know exactly how many months and days(possibly years) some older date is from today. Is there a method to do that?

I know how to get the difference of the months, I know how to get the difference in days. But I am unable to get the months and the days.


old = '2013-03-04' now = '2013-04-17'

so the result im looking for is something like 1 month(s) and 13* day(s)

*maybe its 12 im not every sure.

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This can be done by using Period in JodaTime.

For example,

LocalDate old = new LocalDate(2013, 3, 4);
LocalDate now = new LocalDate(2013, 4, 17);

Period p = new Period(old, now, PeriodType.yearMonthDay());

To get the months, use p.getMonths(), to get the days p.getDays().

The result of the example is 1 month, 13 days.

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this works for me! thanks!! –  yao jiang Apr 17 '13 at 19:23

Yes, see the documentation of intervals:


An interval in Joda-Time represents an interval of time from one instant to another instant. Both instants are fully specified instants in the datetime continuum, complete with time zone.

Intervals are implemented as half-open, which is to say that the start instant is inclusive but the end instant is exclusive. The end is always greater than or equal to the start. Both end-points are restricted to having the same chronology and the same time zone.

Two implementations are provided, Interval and MutableInterval, both are specializations of ReadableInterval.

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