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Can someone tell me the best way to print the number of different lines in 2 files. I have 2 directories with 1000s of files and I have a perl script that compares all files in dir1 with all files in dir2 and outputs the difference to a different file. Now I need to add something like Filename - # of different lines File1 - 8 File2 - 30

Right now I am using

my $diff = `diff -y --suppress-common-lines "$DirA/$file" "$DirB/$file"`;

But along with this I also need to print how many lines are different in each one of those 1000 files.

Sorry is a duplicate of my prev thread. So would be glad if some moderator could delete the previous one

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Have you tried this yourself yet? –  chrsblck Apr 17 '13 at 20:07

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Why you even use perl?

for i in "$dirA"/*; do file="${i##*/}"; echo "$file - $(diff -y --suppress-common-lines "$i" "$dirB/$file" | wc -l)" ; done > diffs.txt
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