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We have an Ant script with a chown task as follows:

<chown owner="${user}" verbose="true">
   <fileset dir="${dev-home}" includes="**/**"/>
   <dirset dir="${dev-home}" includes="**/**"/>

The task is failing, but just says that it fails without stating why or giving the command that was being executed. How can we debug this?

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You may run your antfile in debugmode => ant -debug -f yourbuildfile.xml
to get more output or for debugging specific parts use the techniques described in answers for question Make ant quiet without the -q flag?
Maybe you encountered those problems mentioned in the ant manual for chown task :
If you are working on a large number of files this may result in a command line that is too long for your operating system. If you encounter such problems, you should set the maxparallel attribute of this task to a non-zero value. The number to use highly depends on the length of your file names (the depth of your directory tree) and your operating system, so you'll have to experiment a little.

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