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I'm looking into the possibilities to do TDD with TypeScript. If I write my tests in TypeScript, is it possible to make the import statements return mocks for my class under test? Or is the only feasible approach to write the tests in pure javascript and deal with injecting AMDs myself?

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I use infuse.js for Dependency Injection in Typescript.

Reference the d.ts

/// <reference path="definition/infusejs/infusejs.d.ts"/>

Initialize your injector at startup

this.injector = new infuse.Injector();  

Map Depenndencies

this.injector.mapClass( 'TodoController', TodoController );
this.injector.mapClass( 'TodoView', TodoView );
this.injector.mapClass( 'TodoModel', TodoModel, true );  // 'true' Map as singleton

Inject Dependencies

export class TodoController
    static inject = ['TodoView', 'TodoModel'];

    constructor( todoView:TodoView, todoModel:TodoModel )


It's string based as opposed to being type based (as reflection isn't yet possible in TypeScript). Despite that, it works very well in my apps.

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TypeScript works well with AMD loaders like requirejs. If confgured properly, TypeScript will output fully AMD compliant javascript.

In a testing situation, you could configure requirejs to inject testable modules.

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But is there a way to do that injection without stepping outside of my TypeScript bubble? –  Sop Killen Apr 17 '13 at 20:45
Depends on what you mean, I guess... Every bit of "javascript" in my application that I generated from TypeScript that I wrote. The goal for most of my applications these days is to use only TypeScript. But I don't exactly know what you're asking here. –  Alex Dresko Apr 17 '13 at 20:48
Ok, I was a little bit unclear there. I'm trying to wrap my head around the duality of JS and TS. Suppose I have a class B taking in a module A: import A = module('/path/to/A'); class B { // methods using A } Is it possible to provide a mock for module A while still letting the test be in TypeScript with full code completion? –  Sop Killen Apr 17 '13 at 21:10
Probably. Describe your test environment... –  Alex Dresko Apr 17 '13 at 21:26
Currently, for pure JS, I'm using Jasmine + RequireJS with Sinon for the mocks. –  Sop Killen Apr 17 '13 at 21:46

One way to deal with dependency injection in TypeScript would be to require dependencies to be passed when you construct the object. This is essentially what you would do in most other object oriented languages:

class Greeter {
    constructor(private myDependency: MyDependency) {

    greet() {
        return this.myDependency.getStuff();

var dep = new MyDependency();
var greeter = new Greeter(dep);


When you want to run tests, you could pass in a test double instead of a real MyDependency.

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I work on AutoFixtureTS that is inspired by AutoFixture. AutoFixtureTS makes it easier for TypeScript developers to do Test-Driven Development by automating non-relevant Test Fixture Setup, allowing the Test Developer to focus on the essentials of each test case.


Its still just prototype code, but check it out :-)


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