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I’m trying to write a server application that uses SSL to communicate. After accepting a connection, I believe I have to call SslStream.AuthenticateAsServer. However, this expects a certificate and I do not understand how to create one.

I followed the advice given in the answer to this question:

I ran the following to create a server.pfx file:

makecert.exe -r -pe -n "CN=localhost" -sky exchange -sv server.pvk
server.cer pvk2pfx -pvk server.pvk -spc server.cer -pfx server.pfx

Then I loaded it in code with:

certificate = new X509Certificate2("server.pfx", "password");

However, I did that exactly, and I get a CryptographicException saying “The specified network password is not correct.”, which is patently false because I used the password x, which is very hard to mistype. What am I doing wrong?

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