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Python Win32 extensions can work with Microsoft Office applications, such as Word and Excel, using the pywin32com.clients.Dispatch() function call. There are other applications that can be similarly accessed using VBA. One such software is SAP2000 (Computers and Structures Inc.) which offers what it calls OpenAPI.

How can I access SAP2000's OpenAPI in Python Win32 extensions? A typical VBA function to open SAP2000 from inside Excel goes as follows:

-------------- Begin: VBA Code in Excel -----------------

Dim SapObject As Sap2000.SapObject    
Dim ret As Long

Sub SAP2000_open()
    Set SapObject = New Sap2000.SapObject
    SapObject.SapModel.InitializeNewModel (lb_ft_F)
    ret = SapObject.SapModel.File.NewBlank
End Sub

-------------- End: VBA Code in Excel -----------------

The above subroutine when run by attaching it to a button click event opens SAP2000. Thanks in advance.

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Can you instantiate an instance of Sap2000.SapObject with a CreateObject call from within VBA? .ie something like dim sapObj As Object; Set sapObj = CreateObject("Sap2000.SapObject")? –  Michael David Watson Apr 17 '13 at 22:28

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See the CSI OAPI Doc.

  1. Download and install Python 3.0 or higher for Windows. Python is freely available at python.org.

  2. Download and install "Python for Windows extensions." It is freely available from sourceforge.net.

  3. Create a Python .py file using the PythonWin IDE or any text editor and paste in the following code: ......

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