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I am trying to combine two commands for Bundle plugin in vim. Because BundleUpdate pulls all plugins and installs them and it is slow. I have the following below. The first two works fine, but the third one does not. It stops after the BundleClean operation. How can I make vim to run second command?

command! -bang BI BundleInstall<bang>
command! -bang BC BundleClean<bang>
;not working below
command! -bang BU BundleClean<bang> | BundleInstall<bang>
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You should use -bar as an argument to :command in addition to -bang, otherwise chaining commands and adding comments is not possible for user-defined commands.

You will have to use

command! -bar -bang BU BC<bang> | BI<bang>

in place of what you have currently because Bundle* commands do not have -bar argument.

There is another alternative: use execute:

command! -bang BU execute 'BundleClean<bang>' | execute 'BundleInstall<bang>'

. Beware of using execute '…<some-arg>', it is not going to work properly for some arguments’ values. It works fine for both possible expansions of <bang>.

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hi Zyx, isn't it funny?? I just learned that, and here comes a question! Now finally I can upvote your answer to say thank you!! +1 –  Kent Apr 17 '13 at 21:16
question to your BC<bang> | BI<bang> does it mean if we want to chain some user-defined cmds, which are in some plugin and without -bar, we could write wrapper commands for them and with -bar, then we could chain the wrapper commands with | eventually the plugin defined commands get chained? –  Kent Apr 17 '13 at 21:23
@Kent It is easy to test. Commands are splitted before expansion, not after, thus it works normally. –  ZyX Apr 17 '13 at 21:31
@ZyX Your commands did not work for me. I think Kent is right that since the Bundle Plugin commands do not have -bar so I have to create a function to execute them in sequence. Could you please confirm if your commands worked for you? –  Forethinker Apr 17 '13 at 21:41
@Prometheus in fact I just learned this -bar stuff from Zyx (a comment to another post) just 5mins b4 you post your question. :) Did you add -bar to your BC command definition? –  Kent Apr 17 '13 at 21:45

You cannot do BundleClean | BundleInstall.

Because BundleClean is a user-defined command, it is defined by Vundle plugin:

 com! -nargs=? -bang   BundleClean call vundle#installer#clean('!' == '<bang>')

Note that, there is no -bar in this command definition.

If you :h command-bar you will see:

-bar        The command can be followed by a "|" and another command.
        A "|" inside the command argument is not allowed then.
        Also checks for a " to start a comment.

that is, the BundleClean cannot be followed by another command by |.

You could however write a function, in the function you execute the two commands. And let your BU command call your function.

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