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I have this query:

select carrier_id, order_id,aircraft_id,quantity 
from orderline 
innerjoin purchaseorder on orderline.order_id = purchaseorder.carrier_id;

im getting the ambiguous error, I know I have to use aliases but it doesnt work ie:

select carrier_id as cID, order_id as OID,aircraft_id,quantity 
from orderline 
innerjoin purchaseorder on orderline.order_id as OID = purchaseorder.carrier_id as cID

it says invalid relational operator ?

thanks for your help guys :)

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it's inner join not innerjoin –  a_horse_with_no_name Apr 17 '13 at 22:05

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You need a space in your INNER JOIN. Not INNERJOIN.

  select carrier_id, order_id,aircraft_id,quantity 
 from orderline 
 inner join purchaseorder on orderline.order_id = purchaseorder.carrier_id;

Also, as the other answerer said, your columns may be ambiguously defined (same column name in each table), so you need to prefix the columns with your table name i.e.( select orderline.orderid)

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The problem is that after you did the JOIN, you are selecting some columns. Some of those columns probably have the same name on both tables, and you need to specify wich one is it:

select P.carrier_id, O.order_id, O.aircraft_id, P.quantity --use the right prefix
from orderline AS O
inner join purchaseorder AS P
on O.order_id = P.carrier_id;
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when I tried it like this, ORA-00933 command not properly ended, with as asterix under AS O –  Jesal Mavadiya Apr 18 '13 at 20:37

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