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I am playing with the positioning of a .logo in this HTML:

 <div class="mod-header">
   <a class="logo" href="#"></a>

The logo width is fixed, however I wonder if I should make the margin-left adjust to the screen size.

I have tried this with Susy, and this makes the .logo width fixed:

  text-indent: -9999px
  float: left
  +rem('width', 120px)
  +rem('margin', 20px 0)
  // margin-left: $column-width

However, this does not adjust the left-margin. When I try:

   @include span-columns(3,12)

There is some adjustment going on, but it is about the width, not the margin-left.

How would I approach this fixed width, left-margin adjustment?

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This seems to work:

  width: 120px
  margin-left: gutter(12) + columns(2,12)
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That works. There's a shortcut for columns + gutter, called space (e.g. space(2,12)). But there are even-shorter-cuts for handling margins - in this case you can use either @include pre(2,12) or @include push(2,12) (those are synonyms). –  Eric M Suzanne Apr 17 '13 at 23:32

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