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I'm developing a platform and because it has a lot of configurations and parameters I thought that it would be very nice to allow System Administrator to script tasks and stuff like that, just like SharePoint does... And not only that: since I'll be the one administrating it for quite some time I don't really need (or have the time to build) a GUI, but I don't want to keep running tsql scripts like mad...

So my question is: How do I do that? How do I tell PowerShell that when someone enters Get-MyAppTenants he should invoke my DLL and execute the method RetriveAllTenants()???

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I would recommend writing a binary cmdlet since your going to use methods in a seperate library. You can write it in C# so you can use the skills you already have and just supply the PowerShell module with your application.

A startup guide can be found here:

Building Binary PowerShell Modules – Part 1 – Getting Started

Building Binary PowerShell Modules – Part 2 – Design Principles and Other Guidelines

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