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All, The following code is from Bloomberg. It is designed to extract bulk data from their servers. The code works, but I am trying to extract a specific variable generated in the class module and bring it to the Regular Module for user defined functions. Thanks for the help.

Option Explicit
Private WithEvents session As blpapicomLib2.session
Dim refdataservice As blpapicomLib2.Service

Private Sub Class_Initialize()
Set session = New blpapicomLib2.session
session.QueueEvents = True
session.OpenService ("//blp/refdata")
Set refdataservice = session.GetService("//blp/refdata")
End Sub

Public Sub MakeRequest(sSecList As String)
Dim sFldList As Variant
Dim req As Request
Dim nRow As Long
Set req = refdataservice.CreateRequest("ReferenceDataRequest") 'request type
req.GetElement("securities").AppendValue (sSecList) 'security + field as string array
req.GetElement("fields").AppendValue (sFldList) 'field as string var
Dim cid As blpapicomLib2.CorrelationId
Set cid = session.SendRequest(req)
End Sub

Public Sub session_ProcessEvent(ByVal obj As Object)
Dim eventObj As blpapicomLib2.Event
Set eventObj = obj
If Application.Ready Then
    If eventObj.EventType = PARTIAL_RESPONSE Or eventObj.EventType = RESPONSE Then
        Dim it As blpapicomLib2.MessageIterator
        Set it = eventObj.CreateMessageIterator()
        Do While it.Next()
            Dim msg As Message
            Set msg = it.Message
                Dim Security As Element
                Set Security = msg.GetElement("securityData").GetValue(0)
                Sheet1.Cells(4, 4).Value = Security.GetElement("security").Value
                Dim fieldArray As Element
                Set fieldArray = Security.GetElement("fieldData")
                    Dim field As blpapicomLib2.Element
                    Set field = fieldArray.GetElement(0)
                    If field.DataType = 15 Then
                        Dim numBulkValues As Long
                        numBulkValues = field.NumValues '76
                        Dim index As Long
                        For index = 0 To numBulkValues - 1
                            Dim bulkElement As blpapicomLib2.Element
                            Set bulkElement = field.GetValue(index)
                            Dim numBulkElements As Integer
                            numBulkElements = bulkElement.NumElements '2 elements per each pt
                            ReDim Call_Sch(0 To numBulkValues - 1, 0 To numBulkElements - 1) As Variant
                            Dim ind2 As Long
                            For ind2 = 0 To numBulkElements - 1
                                Dim elem As blpapicomLib2.Element
                                Set elem = bulkElement.GetElement(ind2)
                                Sheet1.Cells(index + 4, ind2 + 5) = elem.Value
                            Next ind2
                        Next index
                    Sheet1.Cells(index + 4, ind2 + 5).Value = field.Value
                    End If
    End If
End If
End Sub

The variable i am trying to get, specifically, is the Call_Sch. I want a function in the main module to recognize the variable. Thanks again.

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To make a value in a class visible externally, you make it a property, as in this example: stackoverflow.com/questions/5342666/… Or you can just make your array public. But it appears you have not posted all of your code as there is no code that declare Call_Sch anywhere - only ReDim's it. –  ElectricLlama Apr 18 '13 at 1:28
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It isn't necessary to declare a variable before using ReDim on it; ReDim can declare a variable. However, if you added:

Public Call_Sch() as Variant ' Insert correct data type here

then you would be able to refer to it via:

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