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I've been trying to use bootstrap twitter on my google blog on Apparently it is not working, and I am quite sure that the problem is how I am including the css and js files. I've uploaded the .css and .js files as .txt files to an online plain .txt upload server. I am including them in the head.


<link href='' rel='stylesheet'/>


<link href='' rel='stylesheet'/>


<link href='' rel='stylesheet'/>


<script src='//'/>
<script src='//'/>  
<script src=''/>


<script src=''/> 


<script src=''/> 

Is it not possible to link to these files when they are .txt? If not what alternatives do I have? I've seen both dropbox and google drive mentioned on a blog post, but as far as I've tried and searched for It is not possible to have a plain text page - dropbox and drive adds html for their interfaces.

UPDATE: I solved it by using a free webhost uploading the plain .js and .css like THIS - I just googled "free webhost".

The problem is that free webhosts can be rather slow - and the webhost I've chosen informs about DDOS attacks. Is there a better alternative - if I do not want to pay for serverspace?

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What is your blogger url? Let's give us have a look. – Cheung Tat Ming Dec 9 '13 at 15:17
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You can use netdna's cdn for bootstrap:

I'm using it and I'm highly satisfied with the result (

Or you can use DropBox as a CDN if you're using a customized version of bootstrap.

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What about if you use links of Bootstrap Twitter files from jsDeliver which is a free CDN for javascript libraries, jQuery plugins, fonts and CSS frameworks.

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Ya,there is Better Alternative

1.Go to Google Code.Its Free :)

2.Click on "Create a new Project"

3.Fill above a form which comes up with your information and click on "Create project".

4.Click on "Downloads" tab.Now click on "New download" tab.

5.Fill up the needed information. Browse for your Js/css file file and attach it. Now click on "Submit file".

6.If you want to get direct link of your java script file,click on file name and select "Copy link address".

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