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I have a method that grabs POST data that is formated in json format like this

[{"UserName": "alexgv", "Password": "secretpassword"}]

Here is the method

def Login(request, *args):
    data = request.DATA
    return Response(data)
    m = User.objects.get(UserName=request.DATA['UserName'])
    if m.password == request.DATA['Password']:
        request.session['member_id'] =
        return HttpResponse("Testing")
except User.DoesNotExist:
    return HttpResponse("Your username and password didn't match.")

I want to be able to take just one variable from that json POST. For example, maybe I just want to grab the UserName or Password. How would I do that? I have tried a variety of things but cant seem to get it to work, and I dont want to use request.POST.get because then that means I would have to send POST variables. BTW I am using this I have read through the docs but cant seem to find anything in there. Any help is appreciated. What it returns right now is everything.

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Like so...

username = request.DATA['UserName']

Incidentally, you probably shouldn't be writing session based API login views yourself as it's easy to do wrong.

For APIs that provide AJAX style functionality the you have two good options:

  • Login using a standard Django login, performed by the user, not performed by the API client.
  • Use a credentials based authentication scheme, rather than session based, and perform the login using AJAX. For example the Djoser third party package is a great library including token-based login and other similar views...

Update Also discovered which might be worth a look for AJAX session based authentication.

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What's the reason behind advising against an API view that allows login? Given all the SPA JS options out there, I'd bet this is not uncommon among DRF users. – jmq Mar 10 at 15:16
@jmq Updated with some better advice re standard session login, vs token based login. – Tom Christie Mar 10 at 16:19

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