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I need to create a custom system-wide perl install on a CentOS machine. I don't want to use perlbrew as I want to alter the config variables myself, plus I get the same linkage problems.

Essentially, I cannot figure out how to compile perl so that /usr/lib64/perl5 is not included by the linker or in @INC. That is the old centos version, and it sucks. No matter how I compile though, perl -V yeilds this:


And then when I run, I get insane library errors like this: undefined symbol: Perl_Gthr_key_ptr from libraries inside /usr/lib64/perl5.

Note that PERL5LIB has no effect on this, it is compiled in.


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In order to remove a directory from @INC, you can use no lib. For example,

no lib "/usr/lib64/perl5/";

would remove the /usr/lib64/perl5/ directory from @INC.

For more, try perldoc lib.

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