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I have another logic question that I am getting stuck with. I need this form to only allow either one or the other. Either the text input or the checkbox, not both!

}else if(question_pos==7){
        if(!($('#test_check').prop('checked')) && $("#test").val()!="0" &&  ($("#test").val() =="" || 
                !Number($("#test").val()) ||  Number($("#test").val())<0 || Number($("#test").val())>20 )){
          return false;

the inputs:

    <table class="screening" width="100%" cellspacing="5px">
        <td width="8%" align="right"><input name="test" id="test" type="text" pattern="\d*" size="3" maxlength="2"  value="<%=session.getAttribute("test")==null?"":session.getAttribute("test")%>"/>
        <td width="8%" align="right" valign="top"><input name="test_check" id="test_check" type="checkbox" value="1" <%=(session.getAttribute("test_check")!=null && session.getAttribute("test_check").equals("1"))?"checked":""%>/></td>
        <td width="92%"><label for="test_check">My baby is still in the hospital</label></td>

The validation needs to make sure that there is no text input if the checkbox is checked.

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please post the entire question. –  user2246087 Apr 17 '13 at 23:08

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Basically, you want to check if the checked property is true and if the field contains some characters. If both conditions are met, it means the form's state is invalid.

Here's an example http://jsfiddle.net/g4q34/

You should avoid calling $("#test") over and over, it makes the code less readable and is very inefficient performance-wise. Store a reference in a variable and reuse that variable instead.

var checked = $('#test_check').prop('checked'),
    val = $("#test").val();

if (checked && val.length) {
} else {
    //the checkbox is checked OR the input contains text, but not BOTH

Here's an example with your own code:

} else if (question_pos==7) {
        if($('#test_check').prop('checked') && $("#test").val().length) {
            return false;
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@user2089255, "Either the text input or the checkbox", this is exactly what the following code shows. It will enter the if statement only if the input contains text and the checkbox is checked. Is there something else I did not understand? –  plalx Apr 17 '13 at 23:19
I think my verify is ok, but it appears that somewhere in there is a logic error or a misplaced parenthesis or wrong (not) comma. –  user2089255 Apr 17 '13 at 23:19
@user2089255, the following answer's your question as it is. Please update your question if that's not what you want. –  plalx Apr 17 '13 at 23:22
The validation needs to make sure that there is no text input if the checkbox is checked. –  user2089255 Apr 17 '13 at 23:24
No sorry, I mean that if any text is in the text input box and the the checkbox is checked, I need an error message. –  user2089255 Apr 17 '13 at 23:28

This is what ended up working exactly how I needed it. I just had to drink some coffee and wake up!

}else if(question_pos==7){
    if(!$('#example_check').prop('checked') && $("#example").val()!="0" &&  ($("#example").val() =="" || !Number($("#example").val()) ||  Number($("#example").val())<0 || Number($("#example").val())>20 )){
    alert("How long did your baby stay in the hospital?");
    return false;
    }else if($('#example_check').prop('checked') && $("#example").val().length) {
    alert("Have you taken your baby home or is your baby still in the hospital?");
    return false;

I changed the "test" to "example"

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