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I realize the question of a good CSS editor has been asked dozens of times here on SO. However, I am specifically searching for one with preview functionality for a variety of browser rendering engines.

My requirements:

  • Must be able to render IE6, IE7, and Safari 3.0.
  • Other current rendering engines a major plus.
  • Price is not a factor.

I have been looking at Aptana, Stylizer, and TopStyle, but I'd rather not download a number of trial installers, only to find that none of them are what I'm looking for.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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With the new Expression Web from Microsoft, you get the SuperPreview, which will render in multible browsers, including IE6-8 and FF

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You may want to take a look at Expression Web 3, especially at SuperPreview:


Expression Web provides new tools to make sure that the pages in your site work in multiple browsers.

Using SuperPreview, you can preview and compare pages simultaneously in multiple browsers, even in multiple versions of Internet Explorer. You can also compare browser views against a comprehensive mock-up ("comp") image.

You can select individual elements within a page and see details about each selected element, helping you quickly find and fix cross-browser layout and positioning errors.

Basically it's a side-by-side or overlapping view on steroids which is also able to track each element from your page and where it goes in different browsers.

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