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I am learning C and I had a question. I am trying to append a string into a file. However, every time a string is appended it has to be on the next line (Sort of like println instead of print).

I cannot make the function append on the next line. Instead, it just keeps appending on the same line. How do I do this?

void FileWriter(char *cmmd)
    FILE *fp;
    fp = fopen("xxx.txt", "a");

    fprintf(fp, "%s", cmmd);


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Say this:

fprintf(fp, "%s\n", cmmd);
//             ^^
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Thanks that was easy enough. –  Giga Tocka Apr 17 '13 at 23:28

I'm sorry I'm dumb. I put a \n after %s and it worked. Maybe there is a better way?

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