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I'm building a simple menu and came up with a doubt: the user is gonna have some defined commands, for example, an entry would be "compact image < filename >.jpeg". How can I get the filename and extension from the middle of the string?

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This might be where you define a grammar and parse the command (lex, yacc, etc). Alternatively, you use an ad hoc parsing system and recognize that compact is a keyword, the image is a valid qualifier for compact, and that it is followed by a filename. You design your ad hoc parsing code to deal with this. It's not particularly difficult; it's not very exciting, either. – Jonathan Leffler Apr 18 '13 at 5:58

If that is an actual example of the string that you need to get the file name from you can:

  1. Split the string defining the separator as a space
  2. Take the last position of the split and take everything up to the fileExtension or Period
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Use strstr to find instances of "needle" in "haystack" - it will return an index to the ".", for example, and you can construct new strings containing the file-name and extension using this index.

Hope this helps!

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