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Can a jQuery wiz explain to me why the "this" selector is not available to the animate() methods properties.

See the 1st example at http://jsfiddle.net/qZVv4/, no errors are produced it just ignores it.

 $('#test1 .bar[data-percentage]').animate({
     width: $(this).attr('data-percentage'),
     easing: 'easeOutBounce'
 }, 1000, function () {
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Because this isn't referring to your element. You're still in the same scope, so this doesn't change. You'd have to do something like this instead:

// You need the easing plugin
// https://github.com/danro/jquery-easing

$('#test1 .bar[data-percentage]').each(function() {
    var $this = $(this);

        width: $this.data('percentage')
    }, {
        duration: 1000,
        //easing: 'easeOutBounce',
        step: function(value) {
            $(this).text(value + '%');

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/qZVv4/4/

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Yes that works thanx –  user1881263 Apr 18 '13 at 3:01

Javascript only has function scope, the this in your example is not in the callback function, it is just referring to the window object.

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Ah yes of course –  user1881263 Apr 18 '13 at 3:02

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