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I have problem with FrameDecoder of netty as following.

  • packet is fragmented in to {n} frames then FrameDecoder processing correctly.
  • If many packets are composed to one frame and send to server(when client sending small packet data continuously), then FrameDecoder only reads the first packet. The remaing is ignored.

Can i get the remaining data to be continued executed by FrameDecoder?

public class BinaryFrameDecoder extends FrameDecoder {
    protected Object decode(ChannelHandlerContext ctx, Channel channel, ChannelBuffer buffer){
        if(buffer.readableBytes() < 2){
            return null;

        int length = buffer.getShort(buffer.readerIndex());
        if(buffer.readableBytes() < length + 2){
            return null;
        return buffer;
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It should work if you replace:

return buffer;


return buffer.readBytes(length);

because it is very likely that buffer contains more than one message.

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Actually, yes, buffer contains more than one message. I have used method frame = extractFrame(buffer, buffer.readerIndex() + 2, length); It works well! Thanks @Trustin! –  Tuan Huy Apr 23 '13 at 7:47

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