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Hello guys~ I'm kind of new to rails here. And I have a controler like this in my create action, but my failed creation for a comment always direct to "Template Missing". I wonder how to solve that since my success is working alright with the same path ... thank you very much~

def create
  @book = Book.find(params[:book_id])
  @comment =[:comment]) if signed_in?
  @comment.user = current_user

    flash[:success] = "Comment posted"
    redirect_to book_path(@book)
    render book_path(@book)


resources :books do
  resources :comments, only: [:create, :destroy]
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Use render :show.

render does not accept a URL like this. It accepts the name of the template that you are rendering, among other things. Check out the documentation for more examples of what you can pass to render.

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