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I want to order the data by variables and then select the first record. But it doesn't work. Here is my code:

NSString *s = [db stringForQuery:@"SELECT cardInfo.?, cardInfo.?, cardInfo.? FROM cardInfo WHERE cardInfo.currentBalance > ? ORDER BY cardInfo.? DESC, cardInfo.? DESC, cardInfo.? ASC ", first, second, third, [NSNumber numberWithDouble:money], first, second, third];

if I change it into ordering by constants, it works.

NSString *s = [db stringForQuery:@"SELECT a, b, c FROM cardInfo WHERE cardInfo.currentBalance > ? ORDER BY a DESC, b DESC, c ASC ",[NSNumber numberWithDouble:money]];

Does anyone know how to correct it? Thanks a lot.

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I have solved this problem. I replace ? with %@ and it works

[db stringForQuery:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"SELECT cardInfo.%@, cardInfo.%@, cardInfo.%@ FROM cardInfo WHERE cardInfo.currentBalance > %@ ORDER BY cardInfo.%@, cardInfo.%@,cardInfo.%@ ", first, second,third,  [NSNumber numberWithDouble:money], first, second, third]];
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Yep. ORDER BY cardInfo.? attempts to parameterize the metadata, the column name. Prepared statements allow you to parameterize the data only.

You can say

where tablename.colname = ?

You cannot say

where ?.colname = 'foo'


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