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I'm currently making a Firefox extension using the Add-on SDK (widget).

What I'm trying to do upon the widget being clicked is: Identify all addresses on a webpage, highlight the addresses, and show a panel (attached to the widget) with links to Google Maps with the address.

The issue I am having is displaying a link in the panel. I have been able to open and display actual sites and HTML files in the panel, but would like to know how, if possible, to display a clickable link in the panel.

I have been all over the Panel API and have not personally discovered a way.

Any tips are appreciated. Thank you.

Edit: I am using add-on sdk version 1.13.2

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You can just use a local file like myFile.html placed in your data directory. From that file you can receive the port message show in the onClick function of the widget.

var panel = require("sdk/panel").Panel({
  contentURL: require("sdk/self").data.url("myFile.html");

  id: "addrs",
  label: "Addresses",
  contentURL: "https://maps.gstatic.com/favicon3.ico",
  panel: panel,
  onClick: function() {
    panel.port.emit('addrs', arrayOfAddresses);


Read the Getting User Input section of the Panel docs for more info on structure of files and the code for myFile.html.

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