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If I have a one to many relationship like 1 Vehicle has 1 to 4 wheels, if someone try to call

graphClient.Create(wheel, new VehicleHasWheel(vehicle.Reference));

can we expect the graphClient to throw an exception so we don't have 5 wheels on a car?

we can define the maxium number to 4 for relationship CarHasWheel.

Right now if i have to check the constrain I need to manaully query the database to get the existing wheels then decide whether i should create another one.

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Neo4j does not provide these types of constraints in the box, as it doesn't have a way to specify schema like that.

You could achieve a similar solution by doing your mutations via Cypher queries though:


That integrates your two queries (decide, then mutate) into one.

To know if something was created or not, return it:

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