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Java has private, protected, and public access modifiers. Can you explain the accessibility scope of these modifiers.

How can I access a protected member within a different package?

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For better understanding you need to see this

Access Modifiers

                   Same Class      Same Package            Subclass     Other packages
public               Y                Y                      Y                   Y
protected            Y                Y                      Y                   N
no access modifier   Y                Y                      N                   N
private               Y               N                      N                   N

Here the important difference is between Deafult and protected.
Default: Never accesible outside the package
Protected: Only accessible outside the package , if and only if , the class is the sub class
Please see this for further details.
Edit: As your question's answer is also the same that You can access the protected member by make your class a sub class of the class , in which protected member is defined

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