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Hi I am developing small android application in which i wanted to calculate user speed and distance covered by user using device accelerometer. So what I did I take samples of acceleration in time frame like 1 min. From accelerometer i got x y and z coordinates. I took x coordinate values and take average of it. and from that i am calculating speed of user.

But it not giving proper value. Is there any way to do this? How to do this so that it will give me good approx value? I did this in following way:

// sum of no samples of acceleration points 
sum_acc = sum_acc+event.values[0];
// avg of acc
avg_acc = sum_acc/no_of_samples;
// speed of user 
speed = avg_acc*time_frame;
// distance
distance = speed*time;

I need better and accurate result. Need Help. thank you.

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