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I have written few codes for my Google spreadsheet with the script editor.

I want to share this spreadsheet to my clients but i don't want to share the code i have written.

This code adds a menu to my spreadsheet which contains useful functions that should work/run when my clients open this spreadsheet with condition applied that: they can't able to see its code.

This is easy with excel . .but with Google spreadsheet i don't know. . i have searched a lot on Google but they all gives the idea about how to share a spreadsheet. .for example in "View" mode. .but in that there is a problem .. my menu function, which adds an menu . .is "onOpen".. doesn't start when my clients open it.

so.. How to implement all these in Google Spreadsheet??

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You cannot really hide GAS code. This is a FAQ! Possible dup of Q14901758, Q15869708, Q11915118, and probably more. –  Mogsdad Apr 18 '13 at 13:43
@Mogsdad: thanks.. . –  namit Apr 18 '13 at 15:51

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make use of Library the documentation explains how to use it and there are a few interesting post on the subject as well

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Just to be clear. Using a library will not prevent the code to be seen (although it makes it difficult), just really protects against editing. –  Henrique Abreu Apr 18 '13 at 17:42

To protect your google app script from users of your shared [[Google Spreadsheet]] or [[Google Document]], you will have to move your scripts from the Spreadsheet App into a Google App Script App.

See detail here:

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