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I have created a ASP.NET C# MVC project. I am trying to connect it to a MSSQL DB. In the Web.config file i added the following;

     <add name="sdbconnection" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient"
         connectionString="Data Source=(LocalDB)\v11.0;AttachDbFilename="C:\Users\o\documents\visual studio 2012\Projects\ppl\ppl\App_Data\ppldb.mdf";Integrated Security=True" />

But, the above code is incorrect ; I want it to be as follows;

    <add name="sdbconnection" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient"
         connectionString="Data Source=(LocalDB)\v11.0;AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|ppldb.mdf;Integrated Security=True" />

But What is DataDirectory ? Where do i specify it ?

What is name="sdbconnection" ? Can i give any name that i want ?

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First question Quoting MSDN:

The |DataDirectory| portion of the connection string specifies that the MDF file is located inthe App_Data directory

Moreover you can change it using following function:

AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetData("DataDirectory", "D:\database");

Second question name="sdbconnection" allows you to use specified conection string. So in your code you can write:

string connectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["sdbconnection"].ConnectionString;

to acces this connection string

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Name is use to identify and use code your applications Please refer this article http://www.connectionstrings.com/Articles/Show/store-connection-string-in-web-config Data Directory is usually App_Data folder and in web.config file name is use to use connection string in the application

Ex:String conn=ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["Your name at web.config file"].ConnectionString;

or String conn=ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["Your name at web.config file"].toString();

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