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Initialize lightbox:

<script type="text/javascript" src="<?=SITE_TEMPLATE_PATH?>/js/slimbox2.js"></script>

I have static images on page:

<a class="itogdetimg" href="" rel="lightbox" title="">
    <img width="83px" src="/img.png" border="0"/>

And i have link with id="knav1" on click this load new images with jquery script:


Links type is the same as above, but lightbox with them no longer works. I think this is because of was originally do not have them on page. How can I fix this problem?

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the part where you initialize lightbox is missing in you provided code. but likely the problem is because jquery selectors like $("[rel='lightbox']").lightbox() only apply to the elements that are in the dom at the time you call selector. so you need to apply lightbox to the new added element, with a success callback for load (but how to do correctly depends on the lightbox plugin you use). – t.niese Apr 18 '13 at 6:13
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For slimbox2 this should work:

        $("#navldesc").load('/api.php?nvl=y&komplektn=Комплит2',function() {
             $("#navldesc").find("[rel='lightbox']").slimbox(/*if you have custom options place them here*/);

As mention my initial comment, the problem is that slimbox2 does not care about images that where added by ajax. so you need to apply slimbox to the newly added images yourself.

But as far as i can see slimbox2 was not updated for a long time, so it could happen that it is not compatible with newer versions of jquery. i would recommend that you should think of an alternative. i have an own ui framework so i can really give a good recommandation about what library is better. (these look like they are up to date: fancybox2 lightbox2)

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fancybox also sucks with dynamic content – light24bulbs Dec 13 '13 at 16:53

There is more then one post in the subject...

Dynamic Links and jQuery Lightbox issue : Loading image in lightbox...completely stumped!

Lightbox Not Working on AJAX Load Parts

activate lightbox on dynamically added content

The answer is simple

Change to:

$("selector").live('click', function (){

Alt (Depending on what Jquery Version you're using 1.7+)

$("selector").on('click', function (){
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live is deprecated since 1.7 that should be mentioned. – t.niese Apr 18 '13 at 6:17
@t.niese there updated with an alternative for later versions =) – Breezer Apr 18 '13 at 6:19
but not correctly ;) the equivalent to $("#knav1").live('click', ... is $(document).on('click', '#knav1', ... but anyway i don't think that #knav1 is replaced by another link with the same id, the problem is more that the click handler for the lightbox are not attached. – t.niese Apr 18 '13 at 6:23

You can use live() method of jquery to make all new elements appearing on page working. You have to alter you current lightbox function to use live(); Possible solution is something about this:

$("a.itogdetimg").live("click", function(){ $(this).lightbox(); });
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