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The native library I want to use have method like this:

extern unsigned long write(void);

what it is going to write, however, need to be defined in several global variable:

short int Addr; //the starting address it write to;
short int Length; //the length of the writing;
void * data; //the data it will write;

I know in JNA, the NativeLibray have method to load global reference defined in the native library, but it seems not what it needed here. I actually need to declare the above global variables and write to them, so that the write() method can work properly.

Any suggestion on how to implement this in JNA?


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Why don't you just wrap you "write" method in another one that you can call via Java/JNA. In there, you first set those global variables and then call the real one.

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well, it is not "my" write method, and I don't really want to touch C unless JNA doesn't have a solution for this. –  Wudong Apr 18 '13 at 6:15

So many game hackers unwilling to get into dirty details.

NativeLibrary provides access to the addresses of global variables exported by a shared library.

NativeLibrary lib = NativeLibray.getInstance("mylib");
Pointer paddr = lib.getGlobalVariableAddress("Addr");
paddr.setInt(0, 1234);
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