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I'm currently trying out Apache camel (as routing engine). I understand that Camel supports multiple DSLs and that it could be configured using Java (Java DSL) or Spring (Spring DSL).

I have the following Spring DSL configuration. The idea is that if the incoming request has header-param called "name", it would hit when clause or else to would route the request to google:

    <camel:from uri="servlet:///test" />
                <camel:simple>Hello ${header.name} how are you?</camel:simple>
                <camel:to uri="http://www.google.com?bridgeEndpoint=true" />

I expected the above config to work only for Header Param. However, I noticed that this configuration is working even for Query params as shown in the following request:


Is there a way to make sure that it is made to work only for header params ?

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It's well documented here that query params are copied to exchange headers in the servlet component.

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