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I want a way to change part of string according to simple marks. for example:

$string = "I'm student (at JIC college), and I'm GENIUS.";

I want to select at JIC college or any words between brackets and change their color. (I know how to change their color). but how to select it change it then put it back. and how to do that even if I had more than 1 brackets.

$string = "I'm student (at JIC college), and I'm GENIUS (not really).";
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what if you had nested parenthesis? Like parenthesis within each other? –  1337holiday Apr 18 '13 at 6:20
Does preg_replace() do what you want? –  Barmar Apr 18 '13 at 6:23
@1337holiday even though I want to change what inside it like (aaa (asddsd) asasd) I want to change this aaa (asddsd) asasd... it's going to be hard isn't it? –  Abdullah Salma Apr 18 '13 at 6:25

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You could use a preg_replace to achieve this.

$string = "I'm student (at JIC college), and I'm GENIUS (not really).";

$string = preg_replace('/\(([^\)]+)\)/', '<span style="color:#f00;">$1</span>', $string);

Unfortunately this example is a little unclear as your chosen encapsulation gets lost in the regex and needs escaping. I'd use something other than brackets if you're into making your code clear!

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You can use explode():

$string = "I'm student (at JIC college), and I'm GENIUS (not really).";

$pieces = explode("(", $string );

$result = explode(")", $pieces[1]);

echo $result[0]; // at JIC college
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Get String between () by this function

function get_string_between($string, $start, $end){
    $string = " ".$string;
    $ini = strpos($string,$start);
    if ($ini == 0) return "";
    $ini += strlen($start);
    $len = strpos($string,$end,$ini) - $ini;
    return substr($string,$ini,$len);

$fullstring = "this is my [tag]dog[/tag]";
$parsed = get_string_between($fullstring, "[tag]", "[/tag]");

echo $parsed; // (result = dog)

and change the color.

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You can achive this using regular expressions:

$colorized = preg_replace('/(\(.*?\))/m', '<span style="color:#f90;">($1)</span>', $string);
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Adding another braces? –  Num6 Apr 18 '13 at 6:45
@CORRUPT if you look carefully enough you'll notice that it wasn't requestet at the time when i wrote the answer. Anyway i am working on a solution therefore and i'll update this post as soon as it is ready –  Le_Morri Apr 18 '13 at 6:53

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