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I am new to the social network analysis and twitter API.I wanted to collect tweets on certain topic .So i have written the following code

package com;

import java.util.List;

import twitter4j.Query;
import twitter4j.QueryResult;
import twitter4j.Status;
import twitter4j.Tweet;
import twitter4j.Twitter;
import twitter4j.TwitterException;
import twitter4j.TwitterFactory;

public class TwitterSearchAdvance {
    public static void main(String[] vishal) throws TwitterException,
            IOException {
        // List<Tweet> Data = new ArrayList<Tweet>();
        StringBuffer stringbuffer = new StringBuffer();
        Twitter twitter = new TwitterFactory().getInstance();

        for (int page = 0; page <= 4; page++) {
            Query query = new Query("Airtel");
            // query.setRpp(100); // 100 results per page

            QueryResult qr =;
            List<Status> qrTweets = qr.getTweets();
            System.out.println("-------------------" + qrTweets.size());
            // break out if there are no more tweets

            for (Status t : qrTweets) {
                System.out.println(t.getCreatedAt() + ": " + t.getText());

                BufferedWriter bw = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter(new File(
                        "/home/vishal/FirstDocu.txt"), true));
                // bw.write(t.getCreatedAt() + ": " + t.getText());


But when i run the following program the following error starts coming

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Authentication credentials are missing. See for the detail.
    at twitter4j.TwitterBaseImpl.ensureAuthorizationEnabled(
    at twitter4j.TwitterImpl.get(
    at com.TwitterSearchAdvance.main(

Where do i need to provide credentials in my program


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Have a look at the options here

There are a number of ways to provide credentials to your program:

  1. Properties File
  2. ConfigurationBuilder class
  3. System properties
  4. Environment Variables

All details and instructions can be found in the link

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