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Following is the output of the Dumper($resultSet);

$VAR1 = bless( {
                 'rows' => [
                             bless( {
                                      'columns' => [
                                                     bless( {
                                                              'columnName' => 'TABLESCHEMANAME',
                                                              'columnValue' => 'FROM_PERL'
                                                            }, 'abc::TColumn' )
                                    }, 'abc::TRow' )
               }, 'abc::TResultSet' );

How Do I iterators over columns arrays.

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The data you want to access is encapsulated in an object of type abc::TResultSet. This class should have an API to allow access to its members. It is generally a bad idea to circumvent encapsulation, even if you could do so quite easily.

If you weren't dealing with objects but just nested data stuctures, you can retrieve the arrayref you want, and dereference it to loop over it:

for my $row (@{ $VAR1->{rows} }) {
  for my $cell (@{ $row->{columns} }) {
    my ($name, $value) = @{$cell}{qw/columnName columnValue/}; # a hash slice
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TResultSet is returned by the apache thrift call. package abc::TResultSet; use base qw(Class::Accessor); abc::TResultSet->mk_accessors( qw( rows ) ); –  Avinash Apr 18 '13 at 8:32

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