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I have a problem creating the documentation for a doxygen configuration file. I call the config file with this command: doxygen "%~dp0doc\pdf_user\DSCTest2Certificate_user.doxyfile". The path returned from the %~dp0 is correct and also the configuration file is called correct and started. Now I am using realtive paths like: INPUT = ../../src in the doxygen config file, which is working nice, if i call this doxygen file with eclox in eclipse and the output is build correctly. If I call this in cmd i get the following error, that the folder/file could not be found: warning: source ../../src is not a readable file or directory... skipping.

Can I do something to keep those relative paths instead of absolut and why is there no output directory created called latex? (If I call it in eclox plugin, there is always a folder called latex near the doxygen configuration file)

Thank you in advance.

EDIT: I found a solution by myself: The default output directory is the directory in which doxygen is started. found on a documentation site. So I saw that I was in the wrong directory and I had to cd to the fitting dir. So not anymore doxygen "%~dp0doc\pdf_user\DSCTest2Certificate_user.doxyfile", but now -->

cd "%~dp0\doc\pdf_user\"
doxygen DSCTest2Certificate_user.doxyfile
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did you check this post stackoverflow.com/questions/10376818/… –  Daniel Bahmani May 22 '13 at 16:23
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