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Please don't hesitate edit my question , If it is not clear.

Currently I have a situation When my server sends any response,I need to reflect the message in the JSP when my bean class changes.

My bean class will be,

public class Information {

    public LinkedList<String> information = null ;

    public LinkedList<String> getInformation() {
        return information;

    public void setInformation(LinkedList<String> information) {
        this.information = information;
        System.out.println("List is : "+this.information);


My Thread will be running to affect the bean class , when it get any response from the server

Class Producer extends Thread{

    LinkedList<String>() list = new LinkedList<String>();
    Information info = new Information();

    public void run() {

        if(ConnectionProtocol.protocol != null){
            try {

                response = ConnectionProtocol.protocol.receive();
                if(response != null){
                    System.out.println("Listener Response : \n"+response+"\n");
                    list.add("EventLinkEventLinkConnected event received..");

I need to display the information in the JSP when my bean class will be affected or modified.

Also I am aware of ajax and used this situation for every 5 sec I am accessing the bean.I am getting null if there is no message in the bean.And every thing works fine.

My ajax will be,

function pingAction(){

                type: "post",
                url: "PingAction",
                async:     true,
                data : "userId="+encodeURIComponent(userId)+"&secureKey="+encodeURIComponent(secureKey)+"&sid="+Math.random() ,
                contentType: "application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8",
                scriptCharset: "utf-8" ,
                dataType: "html",

                error: function (xhr, ajaxOptions, thrownError) {
                //alert("status :"+xhr.status+"\nthrownError : "+thrownError+"\nresponseText : "+xhr.responseText);


            success: function( responseData , status){
                //alert("PingAction Response Data : "+ responseData +"\nStatus : "+status);

                if(responseData != "null" && responseData.length != 0  && responseData != null){

                    //Process to view the response in the JSP
            } ,

                timer = setTimeout(pingAction, 5000);



But there is empty response coming when my server didn't send any message which is to be added in the list.Because I am calling PingAction() function for every 5 sec.

Good answers are definitely appreciated.

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