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I going to develop a game in which user draws a shape on the screen with his/her finger. Now I have some predefined shapes in form of textures already with me. What i need to do is to Detect what shape user made with his/her finger on the screen. For Example user draws an arrow on the screen, then on comparison with predefined shapes i want to know if he/she drawn an arrow. Now i need advises/suggestions the way i should go with

1) Draw a shape on screen? (Possibly with line renderer, Trail Renderer Or?)

2) Detect which shape he/she drawn? (any solution being in unity or Plugin)

Any Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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If you are willing to pay for it, the FingerGestures package from the Asset Store seems to have what you need, plus additional features that may come in handy. I haven't used it personally, but it seems to have good reviews.

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Given that you require to do some digital signal processing, specifically in the field of Computer Vision, I fully recommend you to use OpenCV4Android, wich is a third party library written mainly in C with extensive platform support, including Android. With this you can archieve pattern matching, wich is basically what u need. I haven't used Unity but I'm sure that openCV is a powerful tool for this cases. Good Luck

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