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I would like to order my unordered list by a specific value inside my list items. I generate my list with a loop.

My looped list item looks like this. The value <?php echo $nyslutdatum; ?> is the one I wish my list to be ordered by (displayed twice because two cases of loop conditions)

    <div id="kursprogram-kurstillfalle-kurs">

        <?php the_title(); ?>


    <div id="kursprogram-kurstillfalle-ort">

        <?php the_sub_field('ort'); ?>


    <div id="kursprogram-kurstillfalle-datum">

        <?php if(get_sub_field('startdatum') != '') { ?>

            <?php echo $nystartdatum; ?> - <?php echo $nyslutdatum; ?>

        <?php } else { ?>

            <?php echo $nyslutdatum; ?>

        <?php } ?>

        <?php if(get_sub_field('slutdatum_2') != '') { ?>

        <br />

            <?php echo $nystartdatum_2; ?> - <?php echo $nyslutdatum_2; ?>

        <?php } ?>


    <div id="kursprogram-kurstillfalle-notis">

        <?php the_sub_field('notis') ?>


    <div class="clearboth" />

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The important part, the source you are looping, seems to be missing from your code example. Can you add it? –  Peter Apr 18 '13 at 8:26

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If I understand the question correctly, use the php function "usort".

The following will sort $array from highest to lowest "sales".

$array = array(
  array('sales'=> 10, 'views'=> 200),
  array('sales'=> 3,  'views'=> 100),
  array('sales'=> 13, 'views'=> 500)

  if( $a['sales'] == $b['sales'] ){
    return 0;
  return ($a['sales'] > $b['sales']) ? -1 : 1;

PHP usort

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