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I have a stand-alone xulrunner application, that needs extension to work properly. But after I install xpi file, my jsconsole is reporting me an error "Failed to load overlay from chrome://my-client/content/overlays/index.xul". That means that chrome.manifest file is recognized, but the path to overlay is not good.

My chrome.manifest file in xpi

content my-client file:chrome//
overlay chrome://app/content/lib/conf.xul chrome://my-client/content/overlays/index.xul

Id of extension in install.rdf file is the same as the id in application.ini file of the main application. I have enabled extension manager


And i have extension.js file in my prefs.

The weird part is when i just symlink folder of my-client extension into extension folder in my main application everything works just as i expect. This only occurs when i install xpi through extension manager.

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I figured it out. The problem was that I forgot to put this line of code in my install.rdf file


documentation here:

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