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I want my Emberjs application to handle HTTP Status Unauthorized (401).

The application uses ember-data to integrate a JSON API (Rails).

The client layer (Emberjs) should redirect to a Emberjs view/template prompting for login, when receiving HTTP Status Unauthorized (401).

How can I do this for the entire application?

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I've struggled with the same problem. I've succesfully implemented the following hack.

window.App = Em.Application.extend
  ready: ->
    $(document).ajaxError( (event, request, settings) =>
      if request.status == 401 && !["/profile", "/users/sign_in.json"].contains(settings.url)
        controller = App.__container__.lookup('controller:application')
        controller.transitionToRoute('sign_in' )

The idea is to catch a jQuery ajaxError event. In the event you can check witch the type of error (.e.g. request.status == 401), url that caused the error (e.g. settings.url) and based on that information you can decide what to do.

Hope this helps

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This should be handled by the router now, similar to this: stackoverflow.com/questions/17981563/ember-data-handling-401s –  te_chris Aug 6 '13 at 4:22

I was researching on the same topic and looks like the information here is a little bit outdated. Using Ember 1.7.0, you should handle the error in the route. If you want to apply this to the whole app, you should add it to your ApplicationRoute class, like so

// app/routes/application.js
import Ember from 'ember';

var ApplicationRoute = Ember.Route.extend({
    actions: {
        error: function (error, transition) {
            // Handle the error here
            if (error && error.status === 401) {
                return this.transitionTo('login');

export default ApplicationRoute;

This is the same way as the documentation describes it: read here

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I'm thinking a better way is to use Ember's promises:

    # Success stuff here
    @transitionTo("login") # Do other fancy error stuff here too

The problem with this is that it would have to be done on all routes individually. Perhaps you could do something with beforeTransition method, checking what the promise returns? Just food for thought.

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