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We have a customer who wants to create a "Duplicate Detection Rule" on four fields and one of them is a "Bit"-field (two options). But when we create the "Duplicate Detection Rule" we can't select any "Bit"-fields. I guess there is no way to enable the "BIT"-fields?

Otherwise we need to write a service who'll do the job of the "Duplicate Detection Rule". After a match is found, we need to send an e-mail and the "Duplicate Detection" was also able doing that.

Is there a workaround?

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If you can't create a duplication on bit fields you could instead:

  1. Create another field (text).
  2. Whenever the record is created or the field updated you copy the bit value into the text field with a plugin/workflow.
  3. Configure the duplicate detection job on that new text field instead.
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Thx for the answer James, that was also the fix that I told my Customer. I just wanted to know if there was pissibly a supported way of doing this. But clearly there isn't... –  Freeetje Apr 19 '13 at 14:41

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